August 2019 Family Expense Report

Welcome to the first ever CRNA on FIRE monthly expense report or aka “my accountability statement”. I enjoyed an overnight “girls trip” that I take yearly to catch up with a friend that lives in a nearby state. Additionally, our dog had to have surgery, making August a pretty expensive month but a perfect month to start charting monthly expenditures. So here goes…

Combined Net Income: $14,992.42 (my husband was paid 3 times this month) with earned interest on high yield checking account: $49.14

Total Earned Income: $15041.56

Our 401k contributions and our health insurance are deducted from our paychecks and are not counted in this monthly expense statement.

  • Mortgage: $2289.90
  • Cell phones: $132.63 (includes the phone purchases in the bill)
  • Utilities: $396.45
  • Internet: $44.99
  • Sling tv: $60.20
  • Veterinary expenses: $1,516.32
  • Girl’s trip: $216.94
  • Medical: $136.18
  • Gas: $299.12
  • Grocery: $907.23 (includes all food, alcohol, cleaning supplies, personal healthcare items, dogfood etc)
  • preschool: $940
  • Restaurants: $382.65 (strong effort made this month to eat at home and it shows)
  • Hair appointments for family: $179.99
  • blog start up fee: $60
  • Husband’s golf hobby: $145.60
  • Vehicle maintenance: $106.05
  • Lot maintenance: $60
  • Miscellaneous: $145.13 (includes birthday gifts, craft project supplies)

Total Spent: $8,019.38

While this looks like we saved a ton of money we didn’t because we had July expenditures on our credit card statement as well, which included a beach vacation. We pay off our credit card every month. Our total savings for August 2019 is $4,656 leaving us a grand total of $31,507.14 in our high yield checking account.

As I am new to my FIRE journey I know we have many areas that can be improved. Please take it easy on me regarding any criticism you see to our spending. If you have read my blog you know my husband is not exactly a supporter of my plan and refuses to alter his lifestyle to help us save money faster. Also, I acknowledge that we are a high earning family with many privileges that even make this journey an option. Thanks for reading. Comments are welcome.

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