September 2019 Expense Report

Before I can begin with September’s expense report I have to start by saying that I made a major goof in my August expense report.

My goof is solely the result of being idle when it comes to paying bills in our home. You see, I let my husband pay the bills and I rarely look at them. My lack of awareness on our spending is one reason I’m unable to stop working full time and the reason I started this blog. I need accountability and I need to be more aware of where our money is going. My goof was that I didn’t realize that our credit card bill wasn’t sent at the end of the month. It’s sent in the middle of the month. So I neglected to include exactly $999.69 to our spending total. This money was from a vacation we took in July and it decreases our total amount saved for August to $3,656.31. As this is only my second expense report I promise I will get the hang of it. Sorry, learning is in process.

Our combined net income was $13,626.68 this month with earned interest on our high yield checking account of $47.01. Our 401k contributions and our health insurance are deducted from our paychecks and are not counted in this monthly expense report. However, I celebrated maxing out my 401k this month for a grand total of $19,000 contributed this year, which is the most I’ve ever been able to contribute. This is only my third year of maximum contributions to my account. 

Total Net Earned Income: $13,626.68

  • Mortgage: $4579.80 (mortgage was paid on Sept 1 for the current month and on Sept 30 for October. As I am tallying up our bank balances to track our savings I will count both of these mortgage payments in Sept)
  • Cell phones: $133.92 (includes the phone purchase in the bill)
  • Utilities: $326.54
  • Internet: $44.99
  • Childcare: $940
  • Restaurants: $545.46
  • Gas for vehicles: $228.03
  • Personal Trainer: $600 (two months)
  • Lot lawn maintenance: $50 
  • Alcohol: $149.33
  • Hair: $206 (every 8 weeks color/cut) $18 (husband’s cut)
  • Snail for fish tank: $9.81
  • Photo Printing from iPhones: $193.34 (2yrs of pictures)
  • Carwash: $22
  • Prescription: $5
  • Lawn and Garden supplies: $ 76.88
  • Golf: $20.05
  • Groceries: $747.20
  • Costco: $417.74 (includes food, clothes, flowers, stamps and 3 christmas gifts along with various other misc items like golf balls)
  • Entertainment: $64.45
  • Credit Card: $2918.65 This amount is going to include the missed purchases from last month ($999.69) that I mentioned above along with the ones that I included in the August expense report last month. Again, next month I will do much better. 
  • Miscellaneous spending: 13.39 

Total Spent: $12,310.58

We ended August with $31,507.14 in our account. We are ending September with $32,823.24 which is a gain of $1,316.10 in our accounts.

I could have done better in so many areas. Restaurant spending is still out of control along with our weekly Costco trips.

My husband making October’s payment on the mortgage appears to have hurt us but really, we will see a zero in the mortgage column next month so it should all even out. I keep reminding myself that this is going to be a work in progress. Old habits die hard so I’m trying not to be too hard on myself when I mess up and buy out of convenience or without first thinking about the purchase. It will get better. I hope…

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