Breaking up with Costco

Dear Costco,

This isn’t going to be easy. I’ve loved you for years so ending this relationship is going to be hard on me, but it’s time I say goodbye.

Falling in love with you was easy. I walked in and was immediately smitten by your bright lights and clean aisles. I was blown away by your selection of high end food and health products, your furniture and Christmas decorations, all so beautiful. I thought I could resist you. I thought you would be like every other store, but then I had your hotdog…there was no turning back after that first delicious bite. I was in love and I couldn’t wait to see you again.

Our relationship has lasted two years and while its been one filled with excitement I feel it’s become one sided. Now don’t get me wrong, you are amazing. It’s not you that’s the problem, it’s me.

You are shiny and beautiful and I love spending time with you, but I can’t resist you. The feelings I have when I’m with you I can only describe as “zen like”. As I walk through your aisles and touch your soft towels, smell your rotisserie chickens, and taste your samples, I feel relaxed. After a long day at a job that beats the shit out of me, I run to you for comfort.

You’re too much for me Costco! I’m impetuous and emotional. I crave too many things from you and I simply can’t say no to you. You’re a temptress and you use your samples to lure me in. I fall for your tricks every time! 

I walk in with good intentions. Telling myself I’m going to say “no” to you. I’m only going to walk in and get one thing and then leave. You know this about me so you’re ready, waiting for me, displaying all your goodies the moment I walk in the door…damn you Costco! 

If I could trust myself to be around you, if I thought I could continue to love you and repel your temptations I would stay. But I can’t. I know that you’re better than the other store in town. They aren’t half the store you are. They don’t have free samples or clothes or patio furniture. They don’t tempt me like you do. I can walk in and walk right out. I feel stronger when I’m with them, my bank account growing by the day.

I will miss you Costco. I will drive by and long for you. I will see others using your products and I will be tormented, knowing I can’t use them too. You are a habit I have to break.

But know this my love, I will never be able to eat a hotdog without thinking of you.

Forever yours,


10 thoughts on “Breaking up with Costco

  1. I also am in love with Costco. It definitely hasn’t subsided yet…I do agree that sometimes Costco can make me purchase things that I didn’t really go there planning to buy.
    I’ve found that with time and with a husband that keeps me from making sidetracked decisions, Costco is a great place for us. It’s almost like a mini-date, only when we don’t go on a weekend though. That’s just too stressful.

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  2. CRNA on FIRE- saw you over on JMoney’s blog and I LOVE this! I broke up with Costco during a no-spend month when my renewal came up and like I said over there, the renewal fee was a minimal monthly expense broken out over the year but the savings from not doing the temptation buying are eye-opening. One more victory for me!

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    1. Stephanie congrats on breaking up with Costco. It is so hard to do! Our membership expires in January and that’s when I will officially be able to call it quits with them. Making the decision was a hard one but I believe we will save a ton of money! Thanks for reading! I really appreciate the feedback!


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