November 2019 Family Expense Report

Hello Dear Readers, welcome to my fourth expense report. One that I’m happy to say came with zero mathematical errors thanks to the new budgeting app I downloaded onto my iPhone. We had a great month financially thanks to some end of the year reimbursements and bonuses from our employers along with some hard earned overtime at the hospital. Anyone reading this who works in healthcare understands how busy the fall season is with everybody trying to get surgeries performed by the end of the year as they have met their deductibles for their health insurance company. There were more days that I was held over past my shift than days that I was relieved on time.  

  • Combined Net Income for this month: $16,137.41
  • Employer reimbursement for educational expenses: $816.66
  • Returns of previously purchases items: $24.01
  • Earned Dividends on bank account: $62.13

Total Earned Income: $17,040.21

I reached my 401k maximum contribution amount of 19k in October and I have also met my maximum deductions for social security taxes, so my paychecks are a little higher than normal as a result. Our health insurance premiums are deducted from my husbands checks. He received a bonus for being an amazing team member which increased one of high paychecks this month.

  • Mortgage: $2,289.90
  • Preschool: $940
  • Cell Phones: $133.95
  • Utilities: $230.63
  • Internet: $44.99
  • Grocery: $521.16 *lowest it’s been so far thanks to decreasing our meat consumption*
  • Gas: $187.55
  • Costco: $350.89 
  • Restaurants: $331.63
  • Alcohol: $254.95
  • ATM: $20
  • Clothes: $217.01 *I rarely buy clothes for myself as I wear scrubs at work but my closet was getting pretty sparse…so it was time. This entire amount was for my clothes and it basically provided me with a new winter wardrobe.
  • Gifts: $110.58 *some of this is a gift card towards my husbands birthday dinner next month which was purchased at a reduced price from Costco
  • Donation: $294.03
  • Entertainment: $49.66
  • Medical: $37.96
  • Garden Center: $38.40 *our first houseplant ever!*
  • Christmas: $818.66  many of these items were purchased at Costco and the grocery store so technically our Costco/grocery expenditures for the month is more than I listed. However, I wanted an accurate account of Christmas spending so I kept receipts and deducted Christmas items, accounting for them here. This also includes Christmas Cards, gift wrap etc.
  • Mail expenses: $7.70
  • Hair: $146 *$10 of this was for my husband’s haircut
  • Personal Trainer for me and my husband: $750 *2 months of training*
  • Garbage Pickup: $79.95 quarterly
  • Credit Card: $875 *$364.48 is on Christmas and it is accounted for under the Christmas column

Our credit card expense is on two different credit cards. We just opened the second account due to a better point system and plan on transitioning away from our original card. Most of the expenses charged to the cards were for Christmas and some educational expenses for work that I was reimbursed for. There is also a $200 deposit for our future Disney trip we are planning for next year. 

Total Expenses: $8,815.94

We started the month of November with $38,811.35 and we ended it with $47,035.62 for a total increase of $8,224.27 which is an AMAZING increase in our savings! For the month of November our savings rate is at 48% which is the highest it’s ever been. I am so excited about this but I know it won’t be this great next month as we have plane tickets to purchase along with paying the remainder of our future Disney trip. We take two vacations every year and Disney is going to be one of them. We are very excited and can’t wait to see our kiddo meet all the princesses even though that means a huge hit to our bank account. Seeing the joy in her little eyes will be worth it.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment on anything you see in our expense report that you think we can improve on and ask any questions you have. Also, did you see I was on a podcast? If you want to hear my story feel free to give it a listen at

Hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend!

3 thoughts on “November 2019 Family Expense Report

  1. Ms. CRNA, it was so great to hear you on my drive to work this morning! And since you asked for it, here’s my critical review of your expense report:
    You’re doing great! No shame here about the personal trainer expenses. As they say, health is wealth, and you sounded VERY happy with the results from working with your trainer!!
    The only thing I (personally) questioned as I read this post yesterday was the $254.95 in alcohol expenses. I’m not much of a drinker, so I think I spent <$20 on alcohol in November (and most of that was an overpriced drink in Key West).
    I hope you all have a great December, and I'll happily follow along your journey to a more balanced lifestyle! Take care.


    1. Hi Josh, Thank you for commenting and listening to the podcast. I appreciate the review of our finances! I think we can do much better and alcohol is one of those areas that needs major improvement. I only drink a couple glasses of wine a month. My husband however…well, its football season. What else can I say? This seems to be a recurring them in our house every fall. It doesn’t matter if his team is winning or losing. His consumption wanes after the Super Bowl and then picks back up again once the Red Soxs start playing. Add my delicious cooking to the mix and that’s all the justification we need for the personal trainer! HAHAHA!
      Thank you for reading! I’ve enjoyed following you.


      1. The Red Sox play here in Fort Myers during February and March for Spring Training, so that’s right after the Super Bowl 😁
        And thank you for reading/following my silly little blog. It means a lot

        Liked by 1 person

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