February 2020 Family Expense Report

Hello Dear Readers,

February came and went pretty quickly in our home. I was preoccupied with my new job, continuing to work out all the kinks that come with being an independent contractor and it seemed that before I knew it, it was March. Financially we had a nice month as February brought with it one of the least expensive months we’ve had in a while. We would’ve spent even less this month had Uncle Sam not jumped up and bit us in the ass with a fat tax bill bu, as I prefer my life out of the jail house, we happily paid him his money.

Here we go…

  • Combined Net Income: $14,102.51
  • Refund from Home Escrow account: $56.21
  • Dividends: $75.51

Total Earned Income: $14,234.23

  • Mortgage: $2,289.90
  • Preschool: $940
  • Internet: $59.99 (this went up $10 as we are now out of our special introductory offer period)
  • Credit Card 1: $77.87
  • Credit Card 2: $1,141.44
  • Trash Pickup: $79.95 (quarterly)
  • Utilities: $206.82
  • Taxes on our lot: $424 (yearly)
  • Taxes for 2019: $1,867
  • Alcohol: $158.26 
  • ATM: $64.50 (4.50 in fees!!)
  • Craft/Educational: $212.31 (98.66 in supplies were donated to a local school)
  • Gardening: $32.69
  • Postal: $11.24
  • New coffee maker: $36.80 (our coffee maker finally died)
  • Dicks Sporting Goods: $16.38 (Silicone ring for the husband to work in)
  • Restaurants: $104.37 
  • Gas: $189.44
  • Grocery: $394.33
  • Donation: $100 to a grocery store for family in need

Total Expenses: $8,407.29

First off, I would like to give us a big pat on the back for having our cheapest month for restaurant spending to date! This is a huge decrease from where we started in August and I’m really proud that we have decreased this category so much.

Our credit cards contain our last Sling TV expense as we have cancelled this subscription and will now be saving an extra $60 a month. We also made a switch from Verizon to Mint Mobile which saves us $100 a month. We purchased 3 months of data from Mint Mobile on our credit card for $102.10. We were paying $133 per month with Verizon, which is a huge savings! We don’t love the service and have had several issues with it…but the verdict is still out on whether we will keep Mint Mobile or try another provider when our 3 months is up. I may do a full review of our experience when I’m done if anyone is interested. Feel free to comment below and let me know.

We happily said good-bye to “Dry January” by celebrating its end with what else…booze! We also spent a large chunk of money on craft and educational supplies when a local store decided to shut its doors. We donated about half of what we bought to a local school.

In all we started February with $53,360.79 in our account and ended it with $59,187.73 for a total increase of $5,826.94. I am still waiting on approval for a long term disability policy. Once I’m approved I will be paying that yearly policy in full, hopefully on my credit card to reap the benefits of those extra points. We are going to need to update our iPad at some point this year and I plan on doing that with an Apple gift card that I will receive from cashing in credit card points. A free iPad for spending money on a credit card sounds like a good way to use a credit card if you ask me.

Very soon I am hoping to make my first big payment to our mortgage which is really exciting. I do have to set some money back for my quarterly tax payment but even still, I think I will be able to put 10k towards the mortgage very easily around the end of March. 

Thank you so much for reading my blog. Please feel free to comment on any areas of spending that you think we can improve upon or ask me any questions that you may have. It truly makes my day when a reader comments.

Thanks again,


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