March 2020 Family Expense Report

Hello Dear Readers,

March, so far, has been a pretty shitty month for us. I’m sure this is common for everyone in the world right now. Income loss, quarantines, food insecurity, and fear…the list goes on and on. I almost didn’t write this post because honestly NOBODY CARES right now. I don’t even care right now. Who gives a shit about our monthly budget when the world seems like it’s falling apart?

But it provides a sense of normalcy for me. I’ve been doing this since August so continuing on with my money updates is, I’m hoping, going to provide me with a feeling that there will be an April update, a May update, and on and on. Our family will survive this and hopefully yours will too.

So in the name of normalcy let’s get on with the money talk shall we?

  • Combined Net Income: $13,881.65
  • Return to Home Depot: $41.68
  • Dividends: $70.23

Total Earned Income: $13,993.56

  • Mortgage: $2,286.15
  • Vet: $61.40
  • Preschool: $940
  • Credit Card 1: $12.24 (this card is connected to our Amazon account)
  • Credit Card 2: $1,333.91 (mostly travel, restaurants, and entertainment to get the rewards points)
  • Internet: $59.99
  • Utilities: $206.66
  • ATM: $460 ($300 of this was to pay cash for dirt for my garden)
  • Life Insurance Annual Premium: $704.60
  • Car Insurance Annual Premium: $616
  • Disability Insurance Annual Premium: $4,353.35
  • Alchohol: $273.45
  • Sporting Goods: $30.59
  • Garden Center: $661.93 (raised garden beds, soil amendments, seeds)
  • Oil Change: $32.39
  • Personal Trainer: $900
  • Prescription: $8.27
  • Medical bill: $75
  • Cell Phone with Mint Mobile: $227.90 for 2 cellphones for 3 months with 8GB data
  • Ice: $6.52 (our power went out after a storm and food needed to be preserved)
  • Restaurants: $133.39 (an additional $169.36 will be on April’s credit card statement for a total of $302.75)
  • Gas: $135.65
  • Grocery: $487.43 (an additional $689.79 will be on April’s credit card statement for a total of $1,177.22 because of the safer at home order placed on our state. Please note that only one 12 roll package of toilet paper was purchased. Most of this was shelf safe products, meats, and canned goods. We did not hoard but we did make sure we have enough for 3 weeks at a time going forward)

Total Expenses: $14,006.82

This was an expensive month because we had annual insurance premiums that totaled $5,673.95 and we spent about $1,000 getting our garden started. My husband custom built three raised beds that required an upfront initial investment that will take a while to recoup from growing our own food. Gardening is my hobby and I take great joy from growing food for our family. My hope is to expand our garden in the future as I improve my skills.

I have no doubt April’s budget will look drastically different from this one. I will have only one paycheck coming to me from work I performed before the virus shut everything down. I don’t expect this to be a problem as we are literally only spending money on food at the moment.

Sending hugs to all of you. Please stay healthy, wash your hands, and for the love of all that is Holy will everyone just please stay the f**k home!

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