April 2020 Family Expense Report

Hello Dear Readers,

Just like most of the world, April’s spending and income looks vastly different. Before I dive in there are two things I need to point out about how this report looks different. 

First, a lot of stuff was purchased on our credit card, like groceries, so that we can get the points earned with our rewards program. We haven’t been doing this in the past and it was pretty dumb on our part. We earn 3% cash back on groceries and restaurants. So going forward, any gas, grocery, or restaurant spending from the credit card will be applied to those categories total amounts. 

Second, there is usually a column for alcohol purchases. This month, to decrease our public exposure, we purchased wine at the grocery store instead of a local alcohol merchant. We usually prefer to support our local stores instead of big box stores for this item but it was one less place to frequent this month. So alcohol is included in our grocery spending.

Here we go…

  • Combined Net Income: $8,107.34
  • Dividends: $68.07

Total Earned Income: $8,175.41

  • Mortgage: $2,286.15
  • Utilities: $185.17
  • Preschool: $0 
  • Internet: $59.99
  • Lawn Irrigation: $85
  • Lowes: $ 127.06
  • Golf: $20  (everything closed except for golf courses)
  • Prescription: $5
  • Giftcard for a birthday: $100
  • Gas: $83.81
  • Restaurants: $153.59 (take out to support local establishments)
  • Groceries: $1,220.14
  • Credit Card 1: $18.89 (This card is linked to our Amazon and Apple accounts.)
  • Credit Card 2: $1,918.45 (Girls trip taken in February, New tire purchase, vet, gas, groceries, and restaurants) 

Total Expenses: $5,630.56

We had our least expensive month to date because we were stuck at home under “safer-at-home” state orders. So even though we doubled our spending at our grocery store, we had ZERO dollars spent on our daughter’s preschool and half the amount spent on gas saving us about $1,000. 

I had some income at the beginning of the month from hours I worked in March. I made half the amount I normally make per month but with our decreased spending we still managed to save $2,500. If we were mandated to stay home in May, we would need to dip into our emergency funds as my total loss of income would prohibit our ability to stay afloat. 

Our state allowed independent contractors to file for unemployment benefits but it’s taking a lot longer than expected to receive any of this money. 

I expect May’s spending to be closer to our normal amount as we will have preschool expenses added back in along with the cost for our personal trainer. I am going back to work on May 4th as our state will be starting elective cases again…so I will be back to my usual work schedule in May, though I expect my income will be less due to a two week delay on payment.

I hope you are staying healthy and safe!

2 thoughts on “April 2020 Family Expense Report

  1. This is the first CRNA FIRE blog or account I’ve seen! I’m a third year SRNA who also has plans to FIRE. I paid for school out of pocket and will be graduating at 28 with a + NW of $70,000. It’s a small amount I know but I know I can progress quickly in my goals once I graduate and start making some money. My husband and I have the goal to reach FI in 6 years then I’ll move to part time work. It’s so wonderful to find someone like-minded! I hope you continue to post, it’s been lovely to read all your posts.


    1. Hi! You are so ahead of me already on your journey! Good for you!! I wish I had learned about FIRE in anesthesia school. Once you ramp up your lifestyle to a CRNA salary it’s really hard to get it back down.
      I was lucky to pay off my student loans early, then spent that same amount in fertility treatments. I didn’t start maxing out my 401k until a couple years ago. I’m proud of you for getting such a head start.
      Use my spending as “what not to do” hahaha because we are having a hard time getting our Monthly budget down as some things now feel necessary (like my expensive personal trainer) and hard to let go of.
      Keep your lifestyle small so you can take the job you want, not the one that pays the most.
      Now that I’ve been able to change jobs I’m happier and we are looking more at the FI part of FIRE. Being able to make your own schedule is priceless! Good luck with the rest of school and keep in touch with me please😁


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